Barony of Castlemere Activity

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

We all have busy lives. We all have different interests. We all are inspired by different goals and thus are each suited to a unique set of activities. Whether it is Arts & Sciences or Marshal Combat, Administration or Volunteer work, we have plenty to fill your schedule. Looking for somthing to mix up your week? Want to try your hand at a new art? Looking to burn some caleries on the combat feild? New to the area and looking for something fun to do?

If you're interested in it, we're here to help. If no one is running it already, chances are, you could be the prime candidate to organize a new activity. Suggest/Volunteer Today!

Here's a Quick Look at some of the the activies currently on the calendar. Review the sub pages of Barony Activity to view more detail! We look forward to seeing you soon! For help breaking into a new activity/group, contact your Hospitaller!

Castlemere Clubs:

Castlemere Cookies Club ~ A Delectible Pursuit
Castlemere Scribal Teas ~ These Scrolls don't make themselves, you know...
Castlemere Troupe of Players ~ Come! Play! If you dare!!!

Monthly Activities

Castlemere Calendar
Holds a full list of Activities. If we do it in an official copacity, its on there.

Arts & Sciences Activities: (Click Here For Details)
Crafts of the Past to spend your savings on obsessing over. Come Play! Come Learn! Come Teach!!!

Marshal Activities: (Click Here For Details)
Heavy Combat, Rapier, Combat Archery, Target Archery, Equestrian, Combat Drills, Practices, and more!

We are always in need of leaders in the marshal community. Currently, we are seeking Rangers for Target archery and a Combat Archery Marshal to run practices. There are currently no Equestrian practices, as we've also no active marshal for that either.

See a Lack? Want to fill it? Volunteer to host an Activity Today!!!!

The Barony of Castlemere is well served through the volunteer efforts of our members.
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For New Member information, visit the Newcomer's page and/or contact our Hospitaller
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