Chronicles of Castlemere

Chronicling Our Past & Future

Life happens. Not everyone can make it to every meeting. Not everyone has the time or patience to keep up with an online list, or two, or eight...

Here you will find a backlog of past publications and recorded Castlemere happenings to stay abreast of whats going on in Castlemere. Been away for a while? This section of the site is a great resource to help you get up to date.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Dates & Times: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month: 7:30 p.m. through 8:45 p.m.

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The Castlelore Needs You!!!

The Castlelore Newsletter takes submissions from anyone within and even beyond the borders of our Barony. 10-12 Publications a year keeps you stock full on the creativity of your fellow Castlemerians. Articles, art, testimates, ads, and humorous annecdotes are all appropriate fodder for the printer.

The Castlelore is handed out at Meetings. If you are unable to attend you have the option of sending the Chronicler stamps and the Chronicler will mail it to you.

The Newsletter is currenly available for digital download.

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The Barony of Castlemere boasts a wide collection of Medieval and SCA documentation. Books, Articles, old issues of the Castlelore, the known world handbook, and more.

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The Barony of Castlemere is well served through the volunteer efforts of our members.
To Recommend a fellow Barony Member: Award Recommendations
For Legal & Media Questions/Concerns, contact our Seneschal.
For New Member information, visit the Newcomer's page and/or contact our Hospitaller
For questions or comments on the site, contact the Web Minister.

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