Meet the Chronicler

Kathleen Duffy
(Known in the SCA as HL Deirdre Ui Mhaille)
(386) 283-4362


Meet the Deputy Chronicler

Jill Leggett
(Known in the SCA as Jarlina Bryndis Fasthaldi)
(904) 576-7405

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Your Chronicler is Always Seeking Submissions

From How-Tos to Cover Drawings, Event Reports and Book Reviews, Wanted Ads and Recommended Webpages - anything you love to read in Castlemere's monthly newsletter "Castlelore" and any talent you like to share, would make a great submission!

Remember: Castlelore is YOUR publication, and without your contribution there is no Castlelore. Please send your submissions to chronicler(at)

[Note: By submitting reports, articles or artwork to the Castlelore email address chronicler(at) you are automatically granting permission to have your work published in Castlelore. The Chronicler reserves the right to edit your submissions for length and to refuse publications if a submission is in violation of the Society Publication rules].

Mail Subscriptions available!

You do not want to miss a single issue of Castlelore and would you like to receive Castlelore by mail? No problem! Simply provide your Chronicler with a book of stamps ("Forever stamps") and your mailing address and start receiving Castlelore by mail!

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